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Guides are summaries of tips and tricks discovered by the community and posted for others to learn from.

Official Guides

Using the Forums By: Tgleaf

Creating a Respectable Clan By: Tgleaf

Guide for New Players By: Sarah Palin

Reverse Thrust / Heavy Cannon Biplane Guide By: Beagle

The Explodet Guide By: Carbon

Recoilless Biplane Guide By: Tyr

How to get into Competitive Altitude By: Smushface

Guide to Heavy Cannon Biplane By: Greekjr14

The Complete Loopy Guide By: Eth

Guide to Reverse Whale (RW) By: Silent Skies

Guide to Ball By: Tgleaf

Bomber Guide By: Mled

Trickster Guide By: Evan20000

Time-Anchor Guide By Mikesol

Unofficial Guides

These guides have not yet been deemed 'official' and will stay in the beta guides section until they are 100% finished:

Beta Guides