Making Your First Map Parallax

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Background Layers

To make a background scroll by slower giving the illusion that it's further away you stretch the background image to be as wide as the "game" layer.

So lets make some background mountains that scroll by 25% slower than the "game" layer scrolls by.
This means we make a background image (in our favorite image editor) that is 1536 x 768 pixels
Now that you have your background mountains create a new layer in the "View Editor" window. Window->Show View Editor View Editor->Right click->New View->

Width : 1,536
Height:   768
X max : 2,048
Y max :   768

Move mid_hills view "Up" so that it is behind the game layer

With the mid_hills view selected in the view editor click Map->Import Large PNG and select mid_hills.png

You now have parallax hills in the background! Check it out using Test->Run

Reader challenge: add another background layer of mountains this time with only 40% the width of the game layer (1228 x 768)


File:Ffa my first map parallax.altx. Open this exported map using the editor to see an example map with parallax.