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My First Map

Read this guide to learn the first steps of making a map

Adding parallax backgrounds

Use parallax backgrounds to create the illusion of depth. As the viewpoint moves side to side, the objects in the distance appear to move more slowly than the objects close to the camera.

Placing sprites (images)

Places cool images anywhere on your map!

Placing textures (repeating images)

Places cool textures anywhere on your map!

Changing game modes for your map

Click Map->Configure Game Mode for instructions on setting the game mode for your map

Team based map FAQ

Altitude supports a mirroring function. This means if you want a perfectly balanced team map only draw half the map and then click Selection->Mirror Left/Right

Placing turrets, goals, bases, etc

Special objects can be placed in your map using Window->Show Create Special

Sharing your map

When are you all finished with your map click Export->Export Downloadable Map

Working with layers

Within each view (EG the Game view) Altitude supports 9 layers. Layers with a higher number render on top of layers with a lower number. You may find it helpful to place PowerUps in a higher layer than you placed the map artwork. Right click an object to change what layer it is in


Change the color and opacity of objects

  1. Right click the desired object
  2. Click Edit Hull
  3. Click Poly->Change Point Color