Biplane Play Strategies

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  • Arguably the best bomb carrier because of its balanced health and maneuverability, the biplane can weave around planes and obstacles while sustaining enemy fire on its way to the opponents' base.
  • The biplane is better at defense then offense. Instead of charging into enemy territory, sit back and protect your base by eliminating stray planes and intruders with rapid combos of primary and secondary fire.
  • When defending with biplane, aerial assaults are more effective than frontal assaults because if the first pass doesn't kill, you'll have to turn around. Instead gain some altitude and, as the enemy is about to pass below you, go divebomb and get right behind him so you can keep chase if the first burst doesn't kill him.
  • Use the Biplanes massive close range damage to kill any plane which is bomb running. You should flank an enemy with a Big Bomb because your planes good speed and massive close range damage could catch up to the runner and kill him in no time (Recoilless and Dogfighter perks). For Heavy Cannon however, you should always catch the enemy in an open area where there is no walls to hide behind and in just 2-3 shoots, many enemies will die.


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  • Use primary and secondary fire together in short range for huge damage.
  • Learn to aim, and use the throttle.
  • Don't waste time shooting if you're not going to hit something. You're just wasting energy. On the other hand, it is possible to hit planes that aren't even on the screen yet, so it's sometimes worth firing if you might hit someone even if you can't see them.
  • If a plane is right behind you and there is no place to run, try slowing down just enough so you don't stall. If the player is newish, they will probably pass by you, then just speed up and fire at will.(1).
  • Be smart. The biplane is well-rounded, but it doesn't excel at anything. It's not real fast, can only climb so well, and it's hard to shoot down other planes without a reasonable amount of effort. You can't just fly around and shoot randomly and expect to do very well.
  • Patience is key with the biplane, it is capable of having an advantage over every other plane if one is willing to play smart and take their time.


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  • Against Explodet: Do not attack from the back, beware of the mines. Shoot it from a distance with your long range gun. Only use your machine gun if you can kill it in one pass. Avoid fighting it from the front if you are close to an obstacle.
  • Against Loopy: Don't let it get behind you. Try to kill it in one pass, or as soon as possible. If you didn't kill it, you're probably EMP'd. Go into a stall and try to take him out as he comes back. Or flee, because continuing fighting when EMP'd can be dangerous.
  • Against Bomber: Try to engage them from top or bottom.

From behind: Dont get completely behind it, try to stay slightly below or above as you fire the long range gun. From the front: Dive at the last moment to dodge the grenades. Reduce speed to do a sharp turn and get behind/below him.

  • Against Miranda: Miranda's weapons are usually stronger than yours, strange as it may seem. Avoid getting close to it, in case it uses warp, time anchor, or reverse.
  • Against Biplane: When going face to face, or in tumblefighting, the plane who is better aligned tends to win. Or, if it's trying to get you from afar, then hide behind a corner.

Heavy Cannon

Against Explodet: Try to snipe it from far away. Avoid the mines. When it is weak, get in close and finish it. Tumbling is not recommended.

Against Loopy: Try to snipe it from far away. A Loopy will try to chase you, maybe even suiciding to get you, so have a plan for that scenario, like running into your team's territory or a group of friendlies.

Against Bomber: DO NOT LET IT POINT ITS NOSE AT YOU. It will utterly destroy you if you do. Instead, get it from top (most recommended,) bottom, or back. You can also try sniping the bomber, but it can easily turn around and get you. As for chokepoint bombers, avoid the chokepoint they are blocking and snipe them.

Against Miranda: Snipe it. Avoid getting close to it. Finish it off when weak. Tumbling is not recommended. Keep note of the tricks Miranda is using. It can become predictable and you can point your nose at the point you think the Miranda will end up after using a trick.

Against Biplane: Snipe it. Avoid getting in close, for, as you may know, Biplane's F+D is the strongest by far (note that this isn't an opinion, it's a fact.) If it's a sniper with Heavy Cannon, get it before it gets you, using obstacles to block his shots. You can also F+D him.