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The Bomber is one of the two 'heavy' planes (the other being Explodet), and is mostly used for map control in both TBD and Ball. It has good health, good range, outrageous damage, slow flying speed and passable maneuverability.

Primary Weapon:


Secondary Weapon:

Tracking Tailgun (Part of the "Supressor" Red Perk)

Bombs (Part of the "Bombs" Red Perk)

Flak Tailgun (Part of the "Flak Tailgun" Red Perk)

Stats: Bomber


  • When armed with grenades, become familiar with the weapon's trajectory. Attacking a foe head on in close proximity requires the Bomber's pilot to dip the plane's nose slightly to compensate for the grenade arc. This takes some time to get used to since the other four planes in Altitude generally feature weapons that fire along a linear trajectory. A similar approach may also be taken to avoid a Bomber's attack, as inexperienced players often overshoot their targets.
  • The Bomber's bombs do not utilize any type of propulsion and simply fall straight down, yielding to gravity. A useful application for this is flying at high altitudes while barraging targets below. Although this approach may not kill any individual opponent, it can be useful in suppressing or weakening foes for your teammates.
  • Grenade "spamming" or repeatedly firing (often blindly) over objects and off screen often yields favorable results. This practice, however, is generally frowned upon by more experienced players when abused.
  • A Bomber pilot can effectively use grenade and bomb splash damage by firing at a collision point or an opening in the map, anticipating the arrival of an opponent. Using this tactic keeps the Bomber at a safe distance while allowing him some leeway in accuracy.
  • The Bomber's primary fire (Grenades) will always remain the same if you change your red perks. Therefore, its of the highest importance to know when to use the three different red perks; Suppressor Tailgun, Bombs, and Flak Tailgun. This all depends on which map your currently playing and what the opponents perk setup consists of. See each Bomber's red perk page for further information.

In Game Images

Using the Suppressor perk.
Using the Bombs perk.
Firing grenades at the enemy.