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Explodets are the slowest plane in Altitude but also have the largest amount of health. This allows the Explodet to take on heavy amounts of damage and still leave the battlefield alive but also generally makes them poor bomb carriers. They are good for controlling the pace and direction of battles and rely on the concussive blast of their weapons to knock enemy craft around. An Explodet is often a good plane to have as a last line of defense in a TBD match as it can provide the stopping power to halt enemy bomb carriers in their tracks as well as lay a treacherous mine field that can be a challenge for even the most seasoned of fliers to traverse.

Primary Weapon: It is available in two varieties that are the director rocket and the thermobaric rocket. The director rocket fires a shot that does moderate damage but also provides a concussive knockback effect to all enemies in its explosion radius. The thermobaric rocket is similar but in lieu of a concussive effect causes a torquing effect on enemy planes by pulling the nose of their plane inward towards the explosion center. Both of the different types of rockets must be manually detonated by the user and therefore there can only be one rocket in play at a time. The director rocket is part of the Director and Remote Mine game play modes and the thermobaric rocket is part of the Thermobarics game play mode.

Secondary Weapon: The ability to leave damaging items throughout a maps playing field is unique to the Explodet and it is due to its ability to leave floating mines in its path. It is available in two varieties but each type of mine's function is drastically different. The first variation is the mine ejector and it leaves tracking mines behind the Explodet that cause moderate damage as well as concussive knockback effects when an enemy flies to close to it and is part of the Director and Thermobarics game play modes. The second variation is the remote mine and, like both versions of the rocket, it must be manually detonated. While the manual detonation means that there can only be one mine on the playing field at a time, it causes more damage and more concussive knockback that the standard mine ejector, as well as the ability to pick and choose when the mine will explode. The remote mine is part of the Remote Mine game play mode.

Stats: Explodet


  • All explosion-based attacks will damage to your own plane if you're too close. Be careful!
  • The closer an enemy is to the center of a rocket explosion, the more damage they take. Nonetheless, sometimes it pays to miss on purpose; use your rockets to knock enemies into walls or to slow opponents enough to stall them.
  • A chasing enemy plane can be stopped dead in their tracks with a well placed mine.
  • Thermobaric rockets are almost a guaranteed instant kill in the enemy plane is taking a hard turn or traversing a small passageway.
  • For an increase in speed or a way to get out of an otherwise deadly stall on a collidable object, use your own mines to give your plane that needed boost!

In Game Images

Explodet using the Director perk.
Explodet using the Thermobarics perk.
Explodet using the Remote Mine perk.