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The Miranda is the most versatile plane to fly in Altitude because its secondary attack is actually not an attack at all, but a movement. It is the most fragile plane in the game, but unlike Loopies, they're potentially one of the hardest to kill. The primary disadvantage of the Miranda is energy management — maintaining a balance between using your energy offensively to attack and defensively to maneuver is often a difficult task, and a single mistake can cost you your life. One of the main differences between the Miranda and other planes is that the Miranda's secondary weapon doesn't inflict damage, working only as a function of plane maneuverability. This is made up for with the Miranda "warp" function which is part of the plane's afterburner system. If you have enough energy and you depress the afterburner key you will "warp" to a location moderately in front of where the Miranda was previously. Any planes in your path that happen to get in the way of the "warp" end up taking a fair amount of damage.

Miranda - Afterburner Warp

Primary Weapon: The two primary weapons of the Miranda are bouncy shot and laser. Both shots require the user to charge up the weapon by depressing their primary fire key for a short duration of time. Once fully charged, both of these weapons have the ability to unleash a large amount of damage on their opponents. The bouncy shot fires a shot that bounces off walls, planes, and anything else before it reaches its maximum range. The laser does damage based on its contact time to an enemy plane and can often cause a fatal blow in a single shot. The bouncy shot is part of the Trickster and Time Anchor game play modes and the laser is part of the Laser game play mode.

Secondary Weapon: Although not a weapon, the secondary ability of the Miranda functions is controlled by flying the plane using the reverse thruster or the time anchor. The reverse functions just like it sounds - it reverses your thrust in the opposite direction to which the Miranda (or whichever plane) is facing. The time anchor works by teleporting your plane to the location it was located using a tracing system, reverting your plane to a previous position. The reverse function of the secondary weapon is available in the Trickster and Laser game play modes and the time anchor function is available in the Time Anchor game play mode.

Stats: Miranda


  • Always charge your shot before heading into battle.
  • Aiming a bounce shot is difficult, but firing into tunnels almost always ends well. Lucky shots can hit an enemy twice or even three times!
  • The wall power-up may be used more advantageously with the Miranda than with any other plane due to its secondary weapon function. After placing a wall in front of a pursuing opponent, using either reverse or time anchor (depending on the perk activated) can quickly place you face to face with your temporarily disabled foe. From there, you may freely fire upon him behind the protection of the wall. This is also very effective against a cluster of pursuers.
  • The reverse function is unique to the Miranda. It may initially feel unnatural, but mastering it will yield great dividends. Using reverse at an opportune moment will throw your opponents off allowing you to either retreat or turn the tides back on them!

In Game Images

Miranda using the Trickster perk.
Miranda using the Laser perk.
Miranda using the Time Anchor perk.