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Removed the link to Genesis' Heavy Canon guide. I recently went back to reread it on impulse and it seemed...(to be brutally honest) useless and redundant. I'm not sure why it was made an official guide (maybe you can elaborate)- as a biplane player, it just doesn't seem to contain a lot of helpful content, instead relying on filler to lengthen the guide. Also, a lot of it deals with playing the plane itself, not HC specifically, which tyr covers exceptionally well in his recoilless guide. In fact, we should consider renaming his guide The Biplane Guide with emphasis on recoilless. Thoughts? --Fu

Nice "About" icon, but do you think it'd look better to leave the about and play it sections icon-less? --Fu

I sorta like this one that I stole from Karl's new website tbh (notice he liked our design so much he's testing it on the main page!). If we keep it we should definitely find a good one for the "Play It" box though. - Pie

What is <div id= ? There seems to be no noticeable change in the article. --Fu

Karl added one of those, so I added them to the rest of the boxes as well. What it does is allow you to link to particular sections of the page, even if they aren't using Wiki section markup. For example, brings you to the "Gameplay" section since it's identified in the source code with "<div id="Gameplay"></div>". Probably of limited usefulness but it can't hurt to add. - Pie

Added icons for the server and community boxes and changed the style template so that main page's icon sizes are 72px (from 48px). --Fu

The images felt a bit big so I scaled them down to 60px for now. Also added a new image for the maps/server section. -- Pie

This is close enough to completed that I'm moving it to replace the normal main page. The old one can be found here. --Pieface 20:43, 26 March 2011 (MST)

Karl fixed the problem with the plainlinks btw - they still don't change colors when you click them like internal links do but at least they're all uniform now! - Pie

Asking Karl to adjust the color of the plainlinks (which aren't related to the navbar template, they're a built in wiki class). I still prefer the normal indent a bit, do you really think the bullet points look better? Next priority should be finishing filling in these boxes + finding good images. - Pie

I removed the indent and added the bullet (which kind of indents the line in itself), no more auto-bold.

I found the original source of that link icon. Shouldn't be a problem using it on the main page.

Also, does < span class="plainlinks" > follow the navbar template? Because atm those links are one or two shades lighter than the regular links with-in the wiki. Nothing major, just wondering if the link color was editable inside navbar to match the wiki's links. --Fu

I like the idea of the bullet points but in conjunction with the indent they were making text bold so I removed them for now. I also like the way you separated stuff by bullet points, though my one concern is it will make it harder to fill the boxes (such as the buy now box).

Let's look for royaltee-free images or create our own for the main page.

Re-added general info section for gameplay and moved the insider's guide there (since it's our main resource for game information atm). Copied over the alti description form the old general info page to the "About" box and changed that old page to just be "Your First Flight". We can probably shorten the description to make it look better on the main page.

Not going to link to Nikon's page or move it from beta I believe since he just copied over info from the Insider's Guide. I plan to neaten up the mapmaking pages soon, working on some templates for the plane pages right now. I see what you mean about the share link problem, I'll think it over.

Looking good so far! --Pieface 17:46, 24 March 2011 (MST)

I also found a picture of an ethernet plug that we can use as our link section icon. Should we fear copyrights?

I think making guides more accessible on the main page is better than a timeline. Perhaps we could link to the history/progression article in the "About Altitude" box?

So I made some edits, how do the bullets look? I can't decide which box to put that line of "system req./demo info/parental ctrl" links in- "About Altitude" or "Play it Now"?

More thoughts- Is Nikon's map-making guide going to be brought out of beta, should we link to it regardless? And I want to link to that page telling you how to share Altitude [], but it needs an ID for some reason. Any 6-digit number would do ~/share/xxxxxx, but the page doesn't really specify where to find their altitude link, and people might spread around " thinking" they're getting CP for it. --Fu

Should we change the 4th box from "Guides," since we have a Forum Guides page that we link to in the Community section? I also want to find a way to work in a History and Progression page somewhere... maybe make the 4th box a timeline of major dates? -- Pie

I guess you changed it back to the red/white at the same time as I did, but it still looks off. Is there a way to add a black/grey outline to the letters in the header? -- Fu

How does it look now? I added a fuzzy drop shadow to give it a bit of depth and I think it looks better. - Pie
Looks great. Nice work, Mr. Face. --Fu

I sorta liked your red/white version. You didn't? Also, remember you can test out different color combos without making edits to the actual template by adding the parameter "background=" to the /style part of the main page, then clicking preview. -- Pie

Does anyone read discussion pages?

So, have we figured out the blue header bar problem, Pie? Like I said in the my PM, it may have something to do with that line <div class="mcwiki-header"...

There's also those six boxes to fill. So far I've got Gameplay, Leagues/Events, Community, and Links.

I think we could copy over some of the major plane-specific forum guides into articles and have a box for those. Any ideas for a sixth?

page edited with my suggestion, check it out! --Pieface 20:22, 22 March 2011 (MST)
I like it. Now we should find little 48 pixel pictures for each section. --Fu