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Name Developer(s) Function Language Thread Code Announced Latest Release
TimeFlies tec27 Time Tracking C thread Closed Source 11-06-2009 11-06-2009
RotAltitude tec27 For Fun C thread Closed Source 11-14-2009 11-14-2009
AltBouncer tec27 Player Identifier PHP thread Closed Source 01-04-2010 06-18-2010
Ladder Server Maimer, Eth, and Nobodyhome +others Server Parser PHP thread Closed Source 01-20-2010 11-10-2011
Ladder Website Maimer, Eth, and Nobodyhome +others Website PHP thread Closed Source 01-20-2010 11-06-2011
PHP Altitude Log Parser (PALP) phong Server Parser PHP thread Open, in thread 02-14-2010  ?
Altitude Custom Commands Varonth Server Parser Java thread Open, in thread 02-22-2010 08-03-2010
Ladder Sigs babelphish Signature Creator Java thread Open Google Code 09-13-2011 10-18-2011
Ladder Bot Aki1024 Ladder Announcer C# thread Closed Source 10-16-2011 10-23-2011
Altitude Chat Parser Aki1024 Client Log Parser C# thread Open BitBucket 10-29-2011 11-10-2011
AltExt Iderik Server API Python N/A Open GitHub 11-11-2011 11-11-2011
name who TYPE LANG url url 01-01-1970 01-01-1970

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