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The Biplane is like the ancient Asian game of Go – a minute to learn, a lifetime to master. It has average speed, maneuverability, and durability. Even its weapons appear unremarkable at first glance. Yet this plane is deceptively powerful, able to output more damage in a single attack than any other plane in the game.

Primary Weapon: It is available in two varieties that are the long range gun and the heavy cannon. The long range gun fires shot that does low damage which is excellent for picking opponents off from a distance. The heavy cannon fires a shot that does high damage but requires a high amount of energy therefore requiring more careful aim than the long range gun. The long range gun is part of the Dogfighter and Recoilless Gun game play modes and the heavy cannon is part of the Heavy Cannon game play mode.

Secondary Weapon: A devastating, short-ranged machine gun, uses up ammo more quickly than your primary weapon but does much more damage. It is available in two varieties but the damage in both is the same. The first variety causes recoil when using it and is part of the Dogfighter and Heavy Cannon game play modes. Be careful when using this though because the machine gun's recoil pushes your plane away from the direction of fire, sometimes with unfortunate consequences. The second variety eliminates the recoil from use and is part of the Recoilless Gun game play mode.

Stats: Biplane


  • Hold both fire buttons while flying through an opponent to really lay the hurt on.
  • Stay close! More than any other fighter, the Biplane is made for short-range dogfighting. Close the distance and show them who's boss.
  • Your machine gun's recoil isn't always a bad thing – use it to your advantage to pull maneuvers that would otherwise be impossible.
  • Using the Flexible Wings perk provides the Biplane with the maneuverability of Loopy, which is useful when you are in a tight spot.
  • Proper use of the recoil makes a great substitute for using the Reverse Thruster perk.
  • It is a good plane for strategic players and good fliers as out maneuvering your opponents and using tricks to get into position is part of mastering this plane.

In Game Images

Attacking a Bomber heading for the base.
Running a bomb toward the enemy's base.
Biplane using the Heavy Cannon perk.