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Loopy is the quickest and most maneuverable craft in the game, but is extremely fragile. It is similar to the Biplane in that it can only fire in the forward direction.

Primary Weapon:

Tracking Missiles

Secondary Weapon:

EMP - an EMP grenade that detonates on contact or after a short period of time. Any planes caught in the EMP blast lose a big chunk of their energy bar, have a greatly reduced turning radius, and lose the ability to activate their afterburner for a few seconds.

Acid - an Acid grenade that detonates on contact or after a short period of time. On detonation it creates a cloud of acid that does damage and causes enemy planes caught in it to take extra damage for a short period.

Stats: Loopy


  • An EMP grenade temporarily disables a turret, giving you and other planes the opportunity to inflict damage on the turret or the base.
  • Loopy can be killed by two Heavy Cannon shots or Bouncy Shot+Warp from Miranda. This can be prevented by using Heavy Armor, as it gives you just enough health to survive.
  • Loopy's Acid bomb will remain in the air for about 4 seconds. Use this to block off choke points for example between rocks in TBD_Cave.
  • The EMP of a Loopy has greater range then that of Acid, learn which maps offer the best strategies for its various perks.

In Game Images

Bombing the base in TBD.
Scoring a goal in BALL.
Hitting an enemy with an Acid Bomb.
Planting a Demolition Charge in 1DE.